Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gifts for the Chihuahua Lover

Do you have or do you know someone that has a Chihuahua and absolutely loves the little darling. Or maybe you just love Chihuahuas. Which ever the case here are so great gift ideas for you. I got my little Charlie as a birthday gift for myself. I was turning the big 5 O and decided that I deserved something special for my 50 th birthday. I fell in love with Charlie the first time I saw him. We've been together for almost a year now and I haven't regretted one minute of his company. He's always happy to see me no matter how long it's been since he saw me whether its a minute or several hours. He's always happy to spend time with me and he loves to go just about everywhere with me. What more could you ask for in a companion.

Classic Gifts For The Chihuahua Lover

Cute Collectible Figurines

Aye Chihuahua Biker FigurineAye Chihuahua Biker FigurineCHECK PRICE

Westland Giftware Cowboy FigurineWestland Giftware Cowboy FigurineCHECK PRICE

Westland Giftware Poochi FigurineWestland Giftware Poochi FigurineCHECK PRICE

Aye Chihuahua Mexican Dancer FigurineAye Chihuahua Mexican Dancer FigurineCHECK PRICE

Westland Giftware Nurse FigurineWestland Giftware Nurse FigurineCHECK PRICE

Mrs Claus Chihuahua OrnamentMrs Claus Chihuahua OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Chihuahua Calenders

By Myrna: Too Cute Chihuahua - 2014 CalendarBy Myrna: Too Cute Chihuahua - 2014 CalendarCHECK PRICE

Chihuahuas - 2014 CalendarChihuahuas - 2014 CalendarCHECK PRICE

Chihuahua Puppies - 2014 16-Month CalendarChihuahua Puppies - 2014 16-Month CalendarCHECK PRICE

Longhaired Chihuahuas - 2014 CalendarLonghaired Chihuahuas - 2014 CalendarCHECK PRICE

Just Chihuahuas - 2014 Box CalendarJust Chihuahuas - 2014 Box CalendarCHECK PRICE

Chihuahuas 2014 Deluxe Wall CalendarChihuahuas 2014 Deluxe Wall CalendarCHECK PRICE

Chihuahua Collectibles

Chihuahua Wanted Fridge Magnet No 1Chihuahua Wanted Fridge Magnet No 1CHECK PRICE

LittleGifts Chihuahua KeychainLittleGifts Chihuahua KeychainCHECK PRICE

 Chihuahua Crystal Pendant Necklace by The Bradford Exchange Chihuahua Crystal Pendant Necklace by The Bradford ExchangeCHECK PRICE

Magnetic Chihuahuas Salt and Pepper Shaker SetMagnetic Chihuahuas Salt and Pepper Shaker SetCHECK PRICE

Mini Bobble Head Doll ChihuahuaMini Bobble Head Doll ChihuahuaCHECK PRICE


Chihuahua Decor Items

Cute Chihuahua Dog Un-Welcome StatuCute Chihuahua Dog Un-Welcome StatuCHECK PRICE

Peeing  Chihuahua Dog Lawn Garden StatuePeeing Chihuahua Dog Lawn Garden StatueCHECK PRICE

Chihuahua PlanterChihuahua PlanterCHECK PRICE

For The Chihuahua Lover That Likes To Read

All these books are avaliable in either hard or soft cover and on kindle.

 Inspiring Stories About Chihuahuas Inspiring Stories About ChihuahuasCHECK PRICE

Chihuahuas For DummiesChihuahuas For DummiesCHECK PRICE

The Everything Chihuahua BooThe Everything Chihuahua BooCHECK PRICE

ChihuahuasChihuahuasCHECK PRICE

The Chihuahua (Learning about Dogs)The Chihuahua (Learning about Dogs)CHECK PRICE

The Chihuahua (Terra Nova Series)The Chihuahua (Terra Nova Series)CHECK PRICE

Chihuahuas (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)Chihuahuas (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)CHECK PRICE

Gifts For The Chihuahua Movie Watcher

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Beverly Hills Chihuahua CHECK PRICE

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3CHECK PRICE

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2CHECK PRICE

Viva Chihuahua (1961)Viva Chihuahua (1961)CHECK PRICE

Chihuahua: The Movie (2011)Chihuahua: The Movie (2011)CHECK PRICE

Pet Carriers

How about a pet carrier so you and your Chihuahua can always be together.

Aurora Plush Fancy Leopard FancyPalAurora Plush Fancy Leopard FancyPalCHECK PRICE

Aurora Plush Chihuahua Fancy Pals purseAurora Plush Chihuahua Fancy Pals purseCHECK PRICE

Small Dog Cat Pet Travel Carrier Tote Bag PurseSmall Dog Cat Pet Travel Carrier Tote Bag PurseCHECK PRICE

Petmate Softsided Kennel Cab Dog CarrierPetmate Softsided Kennel Cab Dog CarrierCHECK PRICE

Kyjen Outward Hound Front CarrierKyjen Outward Hound Front CarrierCHECK PRICE

Kyjen Outward Hound Sling-Go Pet Sling CarrierKyjen Outward Hound Sling-Go Pet Sling CarrierCHECK PRICE

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