Sunday, 17 April 2011

Busy Sunday

Today was a busy day for Charlie. Michelle phoned to see what we were doing and asked if we would like to go out somewhere. And of course we said yes. So Waffle,Keada and Michelle came to pick us up. First we went to check out a dog park, out near Cultus Lake,we hadn't been to before. Charlie had a lot of fun. I let him off the leash. He just loved that. He ran and ran around with Waffle. I thought for sure he would be pooped out after that but nope he had lots more energy.
  After we finished at the dog park we got back in the car and headed east. We didn't feel like going home so we decided to take a drive out to Bridal Falls. It was a bit rainy and a little colder than it was at home in Chilliwack. Despite the cold we decided to take the hike up to the falls. Charlie always surprises me. He hiked up that trail just like the little trooper he is. And then we hiked back down the trail. Charlie was so full of energy. We then head back home to visit at Michelle's house. Charlie did have a little nap while we were there after he played with Waffle and Keada some more. Then it was time to get home. As you can guess Charlie worked up quite the appetite while we were so needless to say he was ready for dinner when we walked in the door.He gobbled up his food and then it was time for a nap. And he is still napping. I think he's pretty much done for the night.
Charlie has a booster seat like this one but a different brand. He sure likes it.  

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