Thursday, 7 April 2011

I was turning 50 and decided to do something special for myself. I had wanted a pet of my own for quite sometime so decided that my birthday was a great time to get myself one. I orginally wanted a pug however I changed my mind about the pug for two reasons. The first reason was because I thought that I would adopt a pug through a pet rescue place rather than risking getting one from a puppy mill. However I found that process to be extremely difficult. The rescue places I looked at wanted to know way to much information about my personal life. Which I think is uncalled for as I was adopting a dog not a baby for heavens sake. Secondly I did some research on pugs and found that they are an extremely high maintanence dog to look after and I don't put that much effort into myself never mind a dog. I'm not saying I'll never get a pug just that this wasn't the time.
  So I continued my search for that perfect puppy. I couldn't believe I was looking for a puppy because I'd decide long ago that it would be better to get an older dog that was already trained. Anyhow that theory went out the window all together when I saw a picture of Charlie, who was at that time called Pugsly, on line. I fell for Charlie right away and had to find out if he was still avaliable. Lucky for me he was.
 At the same time I did some research on Chihuahuas to see what I was potenially getting myself into. This is what I found.
  Now for the continuing story.
   Yesterday my Charlie gave me almost gave me a heartattck. I was sitting doing some paper work when he started barking. I opened the door to see what he was barking at and he got out. The first time he's being outside without a leash on and well you guessed it, he took off running. And he ran and ran. I thought that he would never stop. We live on acreage, the house is right near the road and there are no fences. I was afraid that he might run into the road. Luckily he ran the other way. Another fear was the hungry eagles around here. He is quite small a great snack for a hungry eagle to swoop down and snatch up. I know the suspense is killing you so I put an end to your misery. Charlie stopped to take a poop and decided he'd let me catch him. Actually he did his business and walked up to me so I just scooped him up. 

Today was a nice sunny day so we took advantage of the sun and went for a walk in the park. Charlie had a great time running around, on leash, visiting the other dogs. He stopped to visit a few dogs actually. At first he was a little nervous but got over it. I think he loved the idea of seeing dogs his own size. 
  I was warned by a couple of fellow dog walkers to be careful about the hungry eagles at the park. They have already swooped down and grabbed a couple of dogs.  Like I said before Charlie would make a nice snack for a hungry eagle.

Charlie likes to catch flies. I think he must have been a hunter in a previous life. He definitely has the potential to catch something.
 I guess you've gathered from my ramblings that I'm really enjoying Charlie. He is a very smart dog that learns quickly.
Stay tuned for more.

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