Monday, 11 April 2011

Today Charlie and I took a drive to Abbotsford, a nearby city, to pick up my daughter from work. He seems to like his booster seat. Charlie started whining when we got to my daughter's work and parked. He's made a fuss like that before. He doesn't like it when I leave him in the car.  Oh well. My daughter had to get dog food for Waffle and Keada so we stopped at the pet store and yes Charlie came in with us. There sure was a lot to see and smell for him.
  From the pet store we went to drop my daughter off at home so she could start making dinner for us and went to pick up my other daughter from work. Charlie knows both of the girls by name. I tell him to watch for them and he does then gets all excited when they come to the car.
  My girls are Michelle and Pearl. Pearl lives with me while Michelle lives with Waffle and Keada.
 We went back to Michelle's for dinner and a visit. Charlie loves to play with Waffle and Keada.  And of course you know they like to play right at your feet. Charlie likes to rough house with the bigger dogs but at the same tiime he's pretty smart, he stays close to me so he can hide behind my legs so he doesn't get squashed.  Don't worry the bigger dogs are careful and haven't hurt him yet. Oh ya have I mentioned that Waffle and Keada are pit bulls and are not anything like society says they are. These dogs are big old lap dogs.                                                                                                                                            

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